FOOTBALL: Shauna Adams (Combat Period Poverty)

FOOTBALL: Shauna Adams (Combat Period Poverty)

In May 2021, Antrim football chairperson Shauna Adams was on ‘SportsDaz Football’ to talk about raising awareness for ‘Combat Period Poverty’ which LGFA sponsors LIDL are also behind.

(Photo -Antrim team pictured during this year’s Ulster Junior championship.  They changed their shorts from white to green last year to raise awareness.  Photo (c) Antrim LGFA)

Recently in the Irish Independent, Sinead Kissane wrote about the absence still of an open discussion on the menstrual cycle and how efforts are now being made to change the culture.  Click HERE to read the interview.

Antrim LGFA have been a driving force behind this including changing their shorts from white to green.  

And here on SportsDaz, we’re re-releasing the interview with Shauna Adams talking to Darren Kelly in May 2021 and a link to the LIDL page is below.

Check out LIDL’s page on Period Poverty.