PODCAST: SportsDaz Camogie (Thursday, 12th August 2021)

PODCAST: SportsDaz Camogie (Thursday, 12th August 2021)

Darren Kelly and Killian Whelan present the camogie magazine show featuring the All-Ireland championships.


  • Weekend Review (0:15)
  • Camogie Discussion – Promotion, Sponsorship, Calendar, Club vs County (13:20/43:55)
  • Áine O’Connor – Kerry captain (33:10)
  • Preview – Down vs Offaly (59:40)
  • Preview – Kildare vs Tipperary (1:02:30)
  • Preview – Wexford vs Armagh (1:03:55)

Darren and Killian look back on dramatic final day of group games in the All-Ireland intermediate camogie championship as Cork are knocked out, Galway lay down a marker against Meath, and Kerry beat Laois in a winner-takes-all clash.

And Kerry camogie captain Áine O’Connor joins us to chat about that victory, their season so far, Munster junior success, and the upcoming All-Ireland quarter-final against favourites Antrim.

With still a few weeks to the All-Ireland senior camogie quarter-finals, the lads discuss how camogie is dealing with the challenges and are they making the most out of their promotional opportunities.

We discuss coverage of the lower tiers and the Nancy Murray Cup; why is the All-Ireland series without a sponsor; can harmony exist in future championship structures; and is there still club vs county divide following the split-season vote at the start of the season.

And we also take a quick look at some of the games taking place this week – Relegation battles (Down vs Offaly, Kildare vs Tipperary) along with one game in the Premier Junior Championship (Wexford vs Armagh).

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