PODCAST: SportsDaz Football – Championship Preview (Thursday, 8th July 2021)

PODCAST: SportsDaz Football – Championship Preview (Thursday, 8th July 2021)

Darren Kelly and Niamh Kindlon present a special episode of ‘SportsDaz Football’ where we look ahead to the start of the TG4 All-Ireland Football Championships.


  • TG4 All-Ireland Senior Championship Preview (8:00-46:49)
  • Galway vs Kerry Preview (8:00)
  • Cork vs Meath Preview (17:25)
  • Armagh vs Monaghan Preview (24:25)
  • Fiona Claffey – Westmeath (46:50)
  • Sinéad Kenny – Roscommon (55:25)
  • TG4 All-Ireland Intermediate Championship Preview (1:04:20)
  • Niamh McCarthy – Limerick (1:18:50)
  • Gráinne McLoughlin – Antrim (1:27:50)
  • TG4 All-Ireland Junior Championship Preview (1:34:25)

Darren and Niamh kick-off this bumper edition by looking at the Lidl Ireladn Football Teams of the League; and also chat about Cork’s Orla Finn and her selection as the GPA Player of June.

Then it’s down to our championship previews starting with senior where we feature three games (Galway vs Kerry, Cork vs Meath, Armagh vs Monaghan).  And Darren and Niamh will then make their predictions regarding who will advance from the groups, the four semi-finalists and the overall winner.

Our intermediate look ahead begins with Westmeath’s Fiona Claffey and Roscommon’s Sinéad Kenny who were at the launch this week.  Then Darren and Niamh will repeat the trick again and give their views on how this competition will pan out.

Finally, it’s the junior championship and we start by getting the thoughts of Limerick captain Niamh McCarthy and Antrim vice-captain Gráinne McLoughlin.  Darren and Niamh will pick who they think will reach Croke Park and will gain promotion for 2022.