PODCAST: SportsDaz Football (Thursday, 17th February 2022)

PODCAST: SportsDaz Football (Thursday, 17th February 2022)

Darren Kelly and Niamh Kindlon present the football magazine show looking at the Lidl National Football Leagues.


  • Latest News (0:00)
  • Cóilín Duffy on 3rd Level Football (22:20)
  • National League Division 1 Preview – Dublin vs Cork (41:30)

Darren and Niamh look at the latest news including the Paidi Ó Sé tournament, more on integration and the BUA programme.

And we pay our respects to Donna Boyle from Four Masters who passed away.

Cóilín Duffy gives us the latest insight into third level football and how the O’Connor Cup is shaping up (this show was recorded before Wednesday’s games).

And then our attention turns to the Lidl National Football League and the showdown between Dublin and Cork in Croke Park.

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