PODCAST: SportsDaz Football (Wednesday, 20th April 2022)

PODCAST: SportsDaz Football (Wednesday, 20th April 2022)

Darren Kelly and Niamh Kindlon present the football magazine show looking at the provincial championships.


  • 0:00 – Latest News – including championship draws & Clare in Connacht
  • 24:20 – Preview – Roscommon vs Sligo (Connacht Championship)
  • 34:55 – Preview – Leitrim vs Clare (Connacht Championship)

The format for the All-Ireland championship draws have been released and we look at what to expect.  

Clare are in the Connacht championship and their results count.  But they can’t contest the Final should they qualify.  We ask why?

It’s a must win game for Roscommon against a Sligo side that haven’t played since a six-point loss to their neighbours last month.

And a novel pairing in Connacht it might be, but Leitrim and Clare renew hostilities after their championship clash last year.


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