PODCAST: SportsDaz Football (Wednesday, 29th June 2022)

PODCAST: SportsDaz Football (Wednesday, 29th June 2022)

Darren Kelly and Niamh Kindlon present the magazine show looking at the TG4 All-Ireland championships.


  • 0:00 – Part 1 – Senior Quarter-Final fixtures, Zucar Minor Sponsorship, under 16 semis
  • 15:50 – Part 2 – Áine McDonagh – Hawthorn, Armagh vs Monaghan, Cavan vs Westmeath
  • 38:00 – Part 3 – Lidl & Laois, King & Queen of Football, New York in Ireland, and Fundraiser – Aisling Kennedy – Ballymacarbry

Matches are limited this weekend but that doesn’t slow down the show with plenty to talk about on a topical episode of SportsDaz Footbal.

In Part 1, we look at the senior quarter-final fixtures, which will see Armagh vs Kerry, and Meath vs Galway live on TG4, Zucar have been announced as new sponsors for the minor championships which return on July 20th; and we look ahead to tonight’s six All-Ireland semi-finals at under 16.

Part 2 starts with the news that Galway’s Áine McDonagh is heading to the AFLW, we look at Armagh’s win over Monaghan and question the slow nature of the second half, and one team will be relegated this Sunday, but will it be Cavan or Westmeath?

In the final part, we call LIDL for their cock-up regarding Laois’ billboard on an upcoming campaign, who are the King and Queen of Football, we reflect on New York’s recent visit to Ireland the possibilities for further transatlantic relations, and we plead for support for a fundraiser for Ballymacarbry’s Aisling Kennedy, following a serious accident last April.

Aisling’s Journey – Help Aisling Home.  Click HERE for more details

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On this week’s THE THIRD HALF, we review Dublin vs Mayo, and Cork vs Waterford