PODCAST: The Fair Green (Aine Wall – Waterford)

PODCAST: The Fair Green (Aine Wall – Waterford)

This Week’s Guest is Aine Wall (Waterford Ladies Football)

We are joined by a Waterford Ladies Football legend. The winner of five All-Ireland senior medals with the Deise, 10 All-Ireland club titles with Ballymacarbry, eight All-Stars and considered to be the most lethal forward in the country during the 1990s.

We are delighted to welcome Waterford’s Aine Wall to ‘The Fair Green.’

**’The Fair Green’ will return to Wednesdays next week on sportsdaz.ie
**’The Third Half’ is on Tuesday where we’ll have reaction to county finals in Galway, Tipperary & Waterford.
**Theme Song – National Duality (c) josephmcdade.com/music


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